Merlintec at the XVII High Technology Fair in São Carlos

estande na fealtec

José and Rosângela of RZ Sistemas Eletrônicos from Campinas can be seen in the left of this picture of Merlintec's booth. Jecel Jr. and Wanda are on the right.

Some RZ products were being shown on the table, like the cargo lock and electronic blocking system (with hardware developed by RZ and software by Merlintec).

kit de desenvolvimento da Xess

Also being shown was a Xess development kit for programmable circuits (FPGAs) connected to a PS/2 keyboard and a VGA monitor. An implementation, 100% in hardware, of the old videogame "Pong" was showing off the advantages of this type of circuit for teaching hardware design.

pong em fpga

While the idea is to implement the terminal for truck drivers (Oliver) using this kit, the old Pong game attracted the attention of many of the fair's visitors.

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