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Current Products

We are still in the development phase, so there are no products available for now.

Future Products

The following information is being made available in order to give you a better idea of what Merlintec is about. These are not product announcements.


While the Self/R system is free software, meaning you get free access to all sources and can download it at no cost via the internet, it is rather large. With this CD-ROM you get access to the full Self/R system and applications, and can still use the internet to download upgrades (which are much smaller than the full programs).

Merlin 6

This low cost computer includes all the interfaces you need to connect to local networks, the internet, high performance peripherals and video sources and displays.

Firewire Disks

3 to 7 GB hard drives, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM drives for the Merlin 6


A high performance microprocessor for object-oriented multimedia applications.

Pegasus 2000

A low cost computer for kids.

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