SelFest 2000

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October 27, 2000

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Mouse. High resolution screens. Local area networks.Graphical user interfaces with overlapping windows.

Where did these elements, which define the modern microcomputer, come from? As a simplification, we might say that all this was created at the Xerox PARC laboratory in the early 1970s. More specifically: in the Smalltalk programming language project of Alan Kay. Ten years ago, Sun continued this research with the Self version of the Smalltalk language.

Today, the future of computing is still being invented, now in São Carlos, with the creation of the technology based on Self.

This is a unique opportunity of learning about the past and future of personal computers.


logotipo do

Parque de Alta Tecnologia de São Carlos

Rua Alfredo Lopes, 1717



Attendance is free, but we would like participants to register via email ( or phone (+55 16) 9227-1762

More information is available on the Web (in English):

In Portugues:

Sponsor: Merlintec Merlintec Computadores Ltda.